Welcome to Jayne

Chef Dana Whitmore creates Jayne, a space to relax and nourish body and soul.

Jayne captures the laid back groove of New Orleans. A place for good times and chill vibes, Jayne is the tradition of the Creole South, the bounty of Gulf seafood, the sophistication of French cuisine – all delivered in an inviting space where the lighting is soft, the vibe polished and the service a reflection of New Orleans’ famous down-home hospitality

Our Chef

A self-described Navy brat, chef Whitemore was reared at the Southern table. Cooking since he was 18, the chef trained in kitchens from Las Vegas to Charlotte, attended classes at the Culinary Institute of America and working as a private chef at the White Oak Plantation on the Georgia-Florida border.

He moved to New Orleans after his first Jazz Fest almost 20 years ago, working at the Intercontinental Hotel, Tujaques, Del Fuego and the Marriott Convention Center Hotel. Whether preparing elite feasts at the Plantation or fashioning banquets for 700 meeting goers, chef Whitemore creates Southern food on his own terms, using finely tuned European standards of quality and technique.